Facial treatments

Face treatments by Academie (France)

Skin care for bright and glowing skin (for special events) (90 mins) – 290 BYN

A powerful anti-aging treatment that accelerates skin renewal processes and reduces the signs of aging. An active mask, which is a part of the treatment (a collagen sheet), improves cell metabolism, prevents moisture loss, strengthens the skin barrier, enhances the protective function and has a powerful rejuvenating effect.

Royal Treatment (75 mins) – 270 BYN

The treatment has an exfoliating, soothing effect. It improves the blood circulation and сleanses the skin from comedones. Marine collagen ampule moisturizes, strengthens, and improves skin elasticity. Alginate mask helps to get rid of gravitational ptosis, improves absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Due to the procedure the best result is achieved- the skin looks healthy and rejuvenated.

Antistress care (75 mins) – 270 BYN

Has an instant soothing effect and moisturizes irritated skin. A 40-minute face, neck, head and hand massage with a vitamin A and E concentrate relieves fatigue symptoms and strengthens the natural protective barrier, reducing transepidermal moisture loss. A collagen mask helps accelerate the synthesis of collagen and reduces the number and depth of wrinkles.

Detox (45 mins) – 250 BYN

A deep cleansing program for all skin types. A soft gommage peel provides effective renewal and rejuvenation and activates the processes of cell metabolism. A soothing gel detox mask stimulates cell respiration and removes toxins. The treatment is recommended for people who live in big cities and as an alternative to “classical cleansing” for all skin types, without inflammatory elements.

Facial massage “Kobido” (90 mins) – 90 BYN

Kobido (Japanese massage technique) is fundamentally different to the traditional massage with it sweep-knock-pick techniques. Techniques like knocking, kneading, circular motions and smoothing and sweeping are applied softly in face, neck and in the muscles around the head.  Massage has a face-lifting effect, swelling and bags under eyes go down. Kobido massage has a drainage effect as a lymphatic system is activated. As a result of the massage the skin temperature gets higher and elimination of the toxins will be stimulated. Skin looks much more healthy and fresh.

Dermoplastic facial massage (90 mins) – 90 BYN

Massage that works on almost all facial muscles of the face and affects all layers of the skin. Thanks to this effect, a sharper oval of the face is drawn, puffiness is removed, general processes in the skin improve, wrinkles are smoothed, and the lifting effect lasts for a long time.