Cafés and bars of Falcon Club are united under one approach, which is balanced and healthy food. In total, Falcon Club has 6 food outlets, and each of them has its own menu and a special atmosphere.

WINgs Sport Bar 

A 60-seat modern sports bar, where one can watch broadcasts of a wide variety of sports ranging from golf, tennis and snooker to the Olympic Games and the Champions League. The bar’s menu offers both vegetarian dishes and balanced food for sportsmen, as well as a special fan’s menu. The bar’s multifunctionality and varied selection of dishes allows to have a light meal after training or Spa and to make an appointment with a business partner.

Oscar Lounge 

The lounge bar of the Cinema Boutique is located near the cinema halls. This is a place with an atmosphere, where with a glass of wine one can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city or discuss films. The wine expert and head chef of Falcon Club will help to choose the right drink and food set fit for the mood of a guest or for the anticipated film premiere. Oscar Lounge is also a venue for holding by-invitation events — film discussions and presentations or meetings with directors and actors.  

At the pay desk of the Cinema Boutique, one can buy a traditional cinemagoer's set: tasty popcorn made in-house, different types of nuggets and refreshment drinks. 


  • Mon.-Thurs. 13.00-23.00
  • Fri. 13.00-01.00
  • Sat. 11.00-01.00
  • Sun. 11.00-23.00

Falcon Coffee 

A small coffee bar is located between the Boutique Centre and the Cinema Boutique. Here a barista brews delicious coffee, and a dessert suited to every fancy can be chosen as an addition to it. One can simply buy a take-away coffee and go out on business through the Falcon Club city.


  • Mon.-Thurs. 13.00-23.00
  • Fri. 13.00-23.00
  • Sat. 11.00-23.00
  • Sun. 11.00-22.00

Snack Bar Fast & Fine 

Intended for visitors of Falcon Club Arena and offers European street food: hot dogs, burgers, beer and hot drinks.


Located inside Falcon SPA Club, that’s why one can have a rest there not only after SPA treatment, but also during it. The bar serves different varieties of herbal tea, freshly roasted coffee, freshly squeezed juices and mousses.


Located inside the gym. Visitors to Falcon Club Fitness can buy fruit and vegetable freshes, revitalizing cocktails based on sports supplements, nutritional bars, which will set them up for training or help to restore strength after it. A barman will help to choose what a guest needs depending on pursued aims and training program.


Visitors to Falcon Club Arena can use an outdoor car park near the sports and entertainment complex, as well as a 4-level heated covered car park with 284 parking spaces.

  • The establishment does not serve guests who have their own foodstuffs and drinks.
  • The establishment does not serve intoxicated guests. 
  • The establishment does not serve guests in ragged or dirty clothes. 
  • The management of the establishment is not responsible for safety of visitors’ personal belongings.


  • to disturb public order and other visitors’ peace;
  • to say rude things to the staff and other restaurant guests;
  • to establish rules of payment for services rendered;
  • to carry large-sized things;
  • to take a seat at the same table with other visitors without their consent;
  • to carry any type of arms, piercing and cutting objects, fire-hazardous substances;
  • to take tableware outside the establishment;
  • to afflict property damage to the establishment and its guests;
  • to enter staff rooms;
  • to visit the establishment with pets;
  • to smoke;
  • to damage material assets of the establishment.