Fast-paced rhythm of the modern city forces us to work 24/7, determines our lifestyle choices, where we find it sometimes difficult to devote time to ourselves, take care of our health and take a breath. A person misses out on a very important detail - the quality of life starts with no one but himself or herself. That's why we combined interesting and important components of wellness philosophy in Falcon Club Sports and Entertainment Complex. Here you can find everything that will help you relax and find a balance between the internal and the external. And it does not matter what you will find more appealing: an enthusiastic game on the courts, watching movies, intensive training in the fitness club or relaxation in the SPA, we are confident that in our complex you will find a place and time for yourself choosing from a variety of services in the company of high-class specialists. 

Introduce wellness to the leisure of club members and promote healthy lifestyle in the minds of every guest and staff member of the complex.

Provide customers with first-class service in the wellness field, by shaping permanent healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle among people and their families, as well as corporate groups in the environmentally-friendly environment. To become the main health-improving center in the city, providing exceptional methods, exclusive services, constant innovations, premium-class service.  

Satisfaction of our customers: we with sincere passion provide the high quality, world-class services which are individually designed for club members and guests.
Leadership: we constantly improve our quality and skills in order to be the leaders in the field of healthy lifestyles. 
Staff: we are a company of people caring for each other, and trying to do it as best as possible.